How do I theorycraft in FFXIV?

It helps to have a keen interest in how the parts of games & systems work together. Often having a question in mind: “How does X work?”, testing things & obtaining results. With that in mind, there are various tools that help with gathering data like ACT & looking over logs directly, or uploaded on FFLogs.

Our How To Be A Math Wizard guide covers the majority of what we know and have worked on to provide the best PvE models for the game’s calculations.

You can join our Discord & get in touch with us! We’re happy to help answer any questions as best as we can - provided it’s not about stat weights!

How much HP does Vit give?

At level 80 each point of Vitality provides:

  • 22.1 hp for non-tanks
  • 31.5 hp for tanks

What about MP from Piety?

Piety in 5.0 has been changed to only provide additional mp regen due to the fact that mp pools are fixed at 10,000.

You can see the new linear + mp/tick gains from piety here.