In this section, I would like to preempt reception to this document, talk about areas of development, and outline problems with theorycrafting. I think the primary question people ask when reading this piece is “What does it mean my BiS is?” or “What does it mean for substats?”. To the former, this piece is a precursor to answering that question. Well-developed simulators are the most accurate theoretical approach to determining Best-in-Slot because the gains from increased GCD speed are not straightforward for every job. [Read more from Conclusion...]

Damage & Healing Calculations

Damage Dealt In the previous section, we covered numerous functions. From here on, we will incorporate those functions into equations. This first section relates to damage dealt. To make this equation easier to read, four of the ⌊ brackets have been removed. Flooring still occurs at any point in which a ⌋ occurs. f(chr) is (1) when attack is not a critical hit. f(dhr) is (1) when the attack is not a direct hit, but is (1. [Read more from Damage & Healing Calculations...]

Enmity Calculations

There are three types of enmity generation: Damage, Healing, and Action. Damage Enmity is enmity stemming from damage dealt to the enemy. Despite dealing no damage, Flash uses this formula (1200 potency). The multiplier for actions that say, “Increased Enmity” can be found in the “Increased Enmity” tab of the FFXIV - Tables spreadsheet (See Resources). Healing Enmity is enmity generated by directly healing yourself or another player. This is important when examining the difference between an action like Elusive Jump and Lucid Dreaming. [Read more from Enmity Calculations...]


The complete formulae for damage dealt, healing, & mitigation are actually a large set of functions multiplied together. Most of these functions round at the hundredth (0.xx) or thousandth ( ) place. When all is said & done, it is going to look like this: Total Damage = f(PTC) × f(WD) × f(ATK) × f(DET) … etc Rather than an elongated equation, it is easier to piecemeal each function & multiply at the very end. [Read more from Functions...]

How to be a Math Wizard (4.5)

Work by The Theoryjerks Discord. Written by Gouka Mekkyaku. Ported to this website by Nemekh. Information & About The Guide This document is an update to the previous “How to be a Math Wizard”. Changes include the addition of level 70 formulae, refinement of secondary attribute formulae, & emphasis on mitigation & healing. In future revisions, we hope to capture refined pet formulae, level correction, & order of operation. [Read more from How to Be a Math Wizard (4.5)...]


Main Attributes Your character’s base attributes are determined by your base determination, job attribute modifier, & your clan. In the following equation, all instances of “Attribute” should be replaced with the attribute you want to solve. For example, if you are solving for your character’s base strength, then replace all instances of “Attribute” with “Strength”. Attribute = ⌊ LevelModLv, MAIN × ( JobModJob, Attribute /100 ) ⌋ + ClanModClan, Attribute + Traits [Read more from Parameters...]

Speed Calculations

Your final cast and recast values depend on your skill or spell speed, your level, and buffs. Due to the complexity of this formula, it has been partitioned into three parts. It is one of the few formulas to include roundup. Step 1: Milliseconds GCDm = ⌊ ( 1000 - ⌊ 130 × ( SS - LevelModLv, SUB ) / LevelModLv, DIV ⌋ ) × ActionDelay / 1000 ⌋ [Read more from Speed Calculations...]