The 0 Damage Hit That Never Was

Hello everyone, Nemekh here with a topic that has come up a handful of times since the launch of Shadowbringers: Visibly doing 0 damage Understanding The Problem 7 months ago in the first Shadowbringers Savage tier a player by the alias Sakubus clipped a segment of his streaming E3S where he observed that his Midare Setsugekka had been a Critical Hit for 0 damage. In the clip you can see “Midare Setsugekka 0! [Read more from The 0 Damage Hit That Never Was...]

Myth Busting E8S's Grace of Light

Hello everyone, Nemekh here writing about a recent hot topic that’s been on the minds of numerous raiders in Savage: Grace of Light from E8S Grace of Light: Placebo or Real? Grace of Light is a minute long damage buff that the party receives as a reward upon successfully preventing any aether from reaching the Mother Crystals during the Eden’s Verse: Refulgence Normal and Savage add phase. [Read more from Myth Busting E8S's Grace of Light...]

Allagan Studies Rebranding

We are happy to announce our rebranding to the Allagan Studies group - a name more fitting for Final Fantasy XIV. With this comes our new logo and some changes to the website. Expect to see more updates here soon! You can join our Discord to participate in discussions and ask queries for various aspects of the game. As always we hope to reach international players that do not frequent popular English channels such as Reddit or Balance discord. [Read more from Allagan Studies Rebranding...]


You have reached the Allagan Studies website – a domain for all Final Fantasy XIV theorycrafting. Here, you will find documentation of all tests & underlying equations related to Final Fantasy XIV. For those unfamiliar with our work, we are involved in discovering underlying formulas such as enmity modifiers, damage calculation, healing formulas, block rate & strength, & many others. Our members are involved work that ultimately benefits you, the player. [Read more from Release...]